Wednesday, August 2, 2017

all about me


Hello There! Welcome to My Blog! And now, i'm gonna introduce Myself to you. ↓ 

          It's me, Yaca. My full name is Anggara Yaca Cacadhara.  I am a girl who was born in Cirebon, 29th of July 2002, and now i'm 15 years old. I live in Bandung. I'm 10th grader student in 3 Senior High School Bandung, I'm so grateful that i can study in this school. I studied at Bhayangkari Kindergarten, Banjarsari Elementary School, and 5 Junior High School.

         My daddy is a Policeman at Jakarta, and now he is 44 yo. And then, My mommy is a Housewife, and now she is 40 yo. I have 2 sisters. My older sister is a Teenager who study in the same school with me. And last is  my younger sister who study in 5 Junior High School. 

        Now, i wanna tell u guys about my Hobbies. Actually, i've so many hobbies. Such as Reading a book, Watching movies, Swimming, Travelling, etc. My favorite books-to-read are 3 Hunger Games Novel. I love those books, because the story is so Unique & Complicated lol. Then, i used to love playing piano because i had attended piano course but not now because sometimes its bored me. Actually, i've done 2 piano concert by Yamaha Music Course at Harris Hotel. 

       My dream is to be an Entrepreneur. But, my daddy not giving me a permission to be an Entrepreneur. He always want me to be a Succesfull Doctor. Beside that, I don't really like biology, chemistry, and also physics because it bored me :(. Now i still sooo confused to choose what occupation that fits me. 

       My life is not complete without friends. I've so many friends, but the real is so limited lol. In my Junior High School, i've a Squad/Gang called ' SIKAT ' i feel like it's my best Squad ever. They used to be important to me but now some of them has forgotten our memories, but i still love them no matter what. 

Thats it my short autobiography. See u guys in my next post! 
With Love,
Anggara Yaca